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How to Post a Ad for Free in

Our website – Free Ad1 will allow you to post free ads. Whether you would like to advertise a job offer, services for hire, real estate for sale or rent, or other offers, our website do not even require you to register to post a free ad. You can include your contact details in the ad so interested parties can contact you by phone or email.


1.Go to a website in Click here ot this button “POST FREE AD US“.

2. Pick a category for your ad. Choices include pets, automobiles, property, business, job offers and many others.

3.Type in your ad description along with your email address. You can mention the price (optional) inside the ad description or enter this detail in a separate field.

5.Submit the ad.

Anyone with a computer access can post a free classified ad online. One of those websites is “Free Ad1“.  The site has been around for a number of years and allows anyone to place free rental ads on it. Listing a classified advertisement on a popular website is a guaranteed method of having as many people as possible see the advertisement.

Visit the website and select a category for the advertisement. Depending on the website, you can choose from a variety of categories. For example, on Free Ad1 Classifieds, if you are posting an ad for a puppy, you can select the dogs and puppies category under pets.

Preview the ad and make any necessary changes. This is your opportunity to double-check the ad to ensure all information is included and displayed correctly. If possible, have another set of eyes read the posting before you submit the ad to the website.

Submit the ad for publishing. Usually, the ad publishes within a few minutes. In addition, our websites allow you to update a posting after it is online.

Click on the free advertising website links and find the post a free ad buttons or posting links on the website where it says “Post Free Ad” or “Post Ad“, etc…. (Tip: Bookmark or save to your favorites so that you will always have a list of places to post. Continue to do this until you have compiled a list of free posting places to always go back to.)

Business Woman

Business Woman

Fill out all the required information the free website requires in order to post your free ad. It generally will ask for your name or company name, what category you want to list in, etc… Be sure to provide a lot of information about your business or website so you can take advantage of getting free advertising.

Type your free advertising post or paste your ad into the ad text area. The easiest to do is to save your ad in Microsoft Word and copy and paste it into the ad text of all the websites. This way, you won’t have to type your ad each time you post. You can just copy and paste the ad into the ad text section.

Preview and Submit your free advertising ad. Make sure your review your ad before submitting. Make sure you spell check to ensure everything is correct.

Women should pay close attention to the type of shoes they wear when conducting business in a professional or formal atmospheres. Shoes should always be well made and fit the feet properly. Too tight shoes can be uncomfortable and easily noticed by others. Women wearing too big shoes, can project a sloppy image that does not represent confidence or the proper style. A woman’s shoes should also be properly polished and not have scuff marks or tears in the leather. We recommend that women polish their shoes at least twice a week and alternate shoes so that they do not wear out quickly. Another good way to preserve shoes is to keep them in a shoe box and use shoe trees to keep and maintain their shape.

Top Management

Women should also have nice, well made tops and blouses for wearing under suit jackets or with a business casual ensemble. Tops should be professional looking and fit properly. Tops that are too big look sloppy and do not flatter the silhouette. Tops that are too tight or clingly are inappropriate for business. The best way to mainain tops is to hang them on hangers or fold them. You can even place dryer sheet in between the tops to prevent static cling, resist wrinkles and keep a fresh smell. Tops which are made of delicate materials such as silk should be dry cleaned or hand washed.

Wearing the Pants

Women should also pay attention to the their body type and how they select their pants or trousers. Women who are petite should select straight cut pants that will flatter their figure and give them an appearance of being tall. The straight cut will keep their shape and will not overwhelm their figure like other styles. Women who are tall should select pants that are extra long and loose, boot-cut or wide leg styles. These styles balance the figure and give the tall woman a nice shape. Capri pants may not be the most flattering style for a tall woman. Curvy women should select pants that are tailored to their figure and are not baggy or too tight.

Business Woman

Business Woman