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Secrets to a Look Younger


Use a back scrubber in the shower
Every day, gently exfoliate and cleanse all the areas of your back that you wouldn’t be able to reach without a long-handled brush. Go easy so you don’t harm your epidermis, but be thorough. Rinse completely and then pat dry rather than rubbing.

Use Sunscreen and Moisturizer
Forgetting about your back when you’re using products on your face and neck is all too easy. And again, because you don’t see telltale wrinkles and age spots on your back very often, you may ignore that area.

Secrets to a Look Younger

Secrets to a Look Younger

Take vitamin D
The Mayo Clinic recommends a dose of vitamin D no higher than 250 micrograms daily. Be sure to read the label on your multivitamins and take the amount of vitamin D into account when choosing a supplement. Also, your body makes its own vitamin D with some daily exposure to sunlight.

Sun tanning will age you. Whereas the right amount of sun exposure can help you to look younger with tawny, glowing, healthy skin, too much sun will do your skin irreparable damage. The aging effects of sun tanning deplete your body of vitamin B. Prolonged sun exposure, year after year, is responsible for both premature aging of the skin and many skin cancers. To look younger, protect your skin from harmful UV rays.

Feed your skin with youth promoting vitamins. Some vitamins will help to give you younger looking skin. Vitamin C helps to fight against wrinkles and fine lines by producing collagen. Vitamin E helps the skin look younger by protecting it from UV rays and also by eliminating harmful free radicals. You can knock years off your age by simply changing your diet and feeding your skin.

Roses help you look younger. Rose Water nourishes and hydrates your skin. Mature, older skin is toned and rejuvenated. Rose Water is also used for smoothing wrinkles and restoring the vitality and moisture balance of facial skin. Beauty skin care with Rosehip oil delays the effects of skin aging, aids cell regeneration and boosts collagen and elastin levels. Through this action, it slows down premature aging and helps reduce the formation of wrinkles and reduces scarring.

Secrets to a Look Younger

Secrets to a Look Younger

Do weight-bearing exercises
Swimming doesn’t count, but just about any other form of exercise – including regular walking . A dance class that includes jumping is excellent. Or if you were a Double Dutch champ back in the day, why not buy a jump rope have some fun while you’re doing your bones a favor?

Tone like a ballerina
Dancers don’t slump and their shoulder blades don’t protrude. That’s because they have trained their dorsal muscles. Here’s a simple way to get a Swan Queen’s elegance from the rear view: Raise both arms over your head and let your upper arms touch your ears. Now, find the muscles in your back that pull your shoulders down and back so that your arms can no longer touch your ears. Hold to the count to 10. Release to the count of five. Repeat four times and build up to ten times for each daily session.

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