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Massage cellulite

Massage effectively combines all the features of thermotherapy, massage and water. Each of these components may be used separately, but their combination gives results entirely new sensations.

Underwater massage is beneficial for both women and men. It is useful for the prevention of cellulite in the presence of overweight in rehabilitation after plastic surgery, and recovery of shape after pregnancy and childbirth.



The magic of underwater massage begins with immersion in balbukashto dzhazuki whose bubbles increase the protective properties of skin and are ruthless to the “orange skin”.
As desired, you can add in the water treatment salts, herbs or essential oils. Warm water dilates blood vessels, lowers blood pressure, accelerates blood circulation, sensation is unparalleled – comfort, ease and bliss.

Circulating water massage every cell of the body – back, legs, abdomen and neck.

Massage stimulates circulation and cleanses the body of toxins and waste activated metabolic processes and increases the circulation of  lymph in the body, restores balance of water in the tissues, restores mineral balance, improves color and texture of the skin, it becomes extremely smooth, soft, supple and silky increases the overall tone.



If you are regularly subjected to hydro fatty deposits over time will decrease and the unevenness of the skin caused by cellulite, it will catch up.
With each visit, the effect of hydrotherapy is becoming more visible and sustainable over time. After a massage in the water body is very important to be hydrated to cosmetic products that enhance the effect of the procedures.

Massage not only provides an excellent cosmetic effect, but also health. This is an excellent prevention of diseases of the spine and internal organs.

Hydrotherapy is important not only in summer but in autumn and winter. Because it strengthens the immune system, giving mood. Underwater massage provides a unique opportunity to restore physical and mental equilibrium with the least effort and getting maximum enjoyment.

Honey massage against cellulite

The main advantage of this therapy is that it can benefit women of all ages who suffer from the “orange skin so.” Besides being an effective anti-cellulite massage with honey acts as a skin rejuvenating factor.

How to apply?

To make honey massage at home, it is necessary to begin to cover problem areas of the skin with a thin layer of copper.

We know that the most common are hips and butt, which is enough for approximately 2 teaspoons of honey.

Once we whitened body, put his hands on skin covered with honey (it is important our hands are clean dry) and detachment.

The first few detachment will be seamless, but with each subsequent resistance will increase.

Despite the slight pain that is felt during the massage, it is extremely efficient. The resulting vacuum in the hands of detachment from the skin breaks down cellulite while improving blood circulation in skin and muscles and has a beneficial effect on the nervous system as a whole.

The procedure continues until the honey that remains in the hands become white as it comes to no more than 10 minutes.

After copper therapy body wash and applied anti-cellulite lotion or moisturizer. The emergence of small bruises should not startled you, since they go a few days.

Honey massage is applied every other day for a month, the effect can say that is visible after the second procedure.


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