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Fall 2011 Fashion Trends

There’s something about the fall wardrobe that ignites excitement.  We can layer our sweaters and light jackets and wear chic booties for a couple of months before we need to hide under waterproof coats and boots. Mary Marino, editor of, shows us how Fall 2011 fashion fun is going to roll:


High-beam color is being touted as the next big thing. If you’re hooked on black or taupe or navy, this is the season to break out of the rut. Instead of splashes of color mixed with neutrals, the new pairings will mix bold colors together. The ones to watch: orange, turq, teal, red, and parakeet green.

Fall 2011 Fashion Trends

Fall 2011 Fashion Trends


They’re back. It’s tempting to drag the oldies out of storage, but nothing can date you like an old suit. Cuts and fabrics are updated. There’s a wool revival happening: the lightweight textures, tweeds, and hound’s-tooth patterns are not your granny’s woolens. They’re blended with silk and other fibers and have a bit of stretch. Pleated skirts, and pants with long full legs, look best with jackets that fit close to the body. Slimmer pants and pencil skirts can carry either a close fitting jacket or one that’s roomier.

Day Dresses

Getting a single garment that fits the individual woman’s body perfectly on the top and bottom is probably the main reason day dresses went out of fashion in the first place. Ten women who are all size 8 will all look very different in the same size 8 dress. Knitted fabrics made fit more forgiving, but in the end, separates dealt a death blow to tailored dresses. Now they’re back! Nothing looks as fabulous as a tailored dress. If the dress fits, this is the season to buy and wear it!


Coats might just be this season’s “statement” item. The standout shapes include the tailored topper Audrey Hepburn and Jackie O favored, the more relaxed boxy wraps and pea jackets worn by Ali McGraw in “Love Story,” and the cape-poncho-serape looks worn by Juan Valdez and assorted fashionistas. The styling may be tried and true, but the colors and patterns this season are a whole new story. Don’t let a red coat scare you, or a hound’s-tooth or plaid one either: a brilliant coat is just the thing to enliven your wardrobe and make you feel good even in the dreariest weather.


It’s a blow to those of us who carry our lives in our handbags, but flip through the big fat September issues of the top fashion magazines, and there is a noticeable absence of purses big enough to park your car in. The season’s best bags are more ladylike with hand-stitching detail, refined (rather than gauchely overladen) hardware, and charming chain shoulder straps. Lightening our load sounds like a good idea anyway.

Fall 2011 Fashion Trends Handbags

Fall 2011 Fashion Trends Handbags

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