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Say “goodbye” to the dark circles under eyes

When the eye cream does not help or do not want to ever use concealer, maybe it’s time to think about another solution to dark circles under the eyes.  They can result from genetic predisposition, lack of sleep or too much of alcoholic beverages. To select the correct solution is better to delve into the reason for its appearance.

In particular, dark circles may appear due to darker pigmentation, more visible blood vessels or shade that comes from muscles and tendons of your nose, which are located near the eyes.

Say goodbye to the dark circles under eyes

Say goodbye to the dark circles under eyes

How do we know what is the problem?  If when you pull the skin under your eyes, the circles begin to disappear, most likely your problem lies precisely in this shade. If not – due to blood vessels.

With aging, your skin becomes thinner, thus the blood vessels and veins become more visible. If your circles do not look red, then the most likely cause for their pigmentation.

Say goodbye to the dark circles under eyes

Say goodbye to the dark circles under eyes

How to remove dark circles under the eyes? If you consider that the pigmentation is your problem, you can treat the place with products containing hydroquinone and retinoid or to undergo laser treatment. So which products with retinoid and hydroquinone is better to use, consult your dermatologist. If you want to quickly get rid of shadows under the eyes – the laser is the solution to your problem.

However, this is the most expensive solution, because to achieve a good result, it is necessary to treat the whole person. If you find that your problem lies in the blood vessels, seek products which tend to shrink. Caffeine is the most common ingredient that cosmetic companies use to solve this problem. If they do not help, you can refer back to the laser. The good news is that unlike the above options, you will need to treat only the area under the eyes and therefore will come cheaper.

If the shadow causes the appearance of dark circles you, you have only one solution. You need to fill the space between the top of the nose and inner corners of eyes with filler. Here cosmetic products will hardly help. However, all shadows under eyes look worse on dry skin. It is important to hydrate.

Here are some general tips on how to deal with dark circles at home:

1.Shall sure to drink enough water.

2.Polagayte sunscreen under your eyes with SPF 30 before going out on the beach. At other times use eye cream that contains SPF.

3. Get better sleep.

4. Make your “masks” the eyes using refrigerated after cooking bags of black or green tea.

Say goodbye to the dark circles under eyes

Say goodbye to the dark circles under eyes

5. Another mask is shown enforce slices of cucumber on your eyes for 15 minutes.

6. Minimize use of salt. Eat less fatty and spicy foods as they affect poor functioning of the kidneys.

7. Use eye cream containing vitamin K.

8. Take enough vitamin C, as it strengthens blood vessel walls.

9. To strengthen blood vessel walls more often eat the following foods: blueberries – black and red currants, black currants, onion, parsley, legumes, black and green tea.

10. Avoid alcohol.

Say goodbye to the dark circles under eyes

Say goodbye to the dark circles under eyes

11.Revise your sleep schedule to ensure six to eight hours of deep uninterrupted sleep. Without adequate rest, the skin cannot heal and revitalize itself. Lack of sleep also results in an increased level of stress hormones, which may cause circles to swell and darken.

12.Remove excess caffeine, alcohol and sweets from your diet. Large amounts of these three items may deplete healthy hormones (namely aldosterone, a balancer of sodium and potassium levels) produced by your adrenal glands and increase the puffiness of your face and circles. Choose unrefined, organic and sugar-free items instead.

13.Take a ginseng supplement. Ginseng helps revive adrenal glands and increase the production of aldosterone and other skin-improving hormones.

14.Make natural compresses. When placed over the eyes for 15-20 minutes, chilled potato and cucumber slices will help reduce swelling and increase blood circulation. Rinse your eyes with cool water and pat your face dry when finished with the application.

15.Stay hydrated. Well-hyrdrated skin is healthy skin, so be sure to consume at least 64 ounces of water a day–more on the days that you are physically active.

16.Apply a naturally pigmented concealer to help fade your dark circles until they disappear. This will help cloak your circles until the remedies listed above begin to show effect.

Say goodbye to the dark circles under eyes

Say goodbye to the dark circles under eyes

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