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What to do if you have dry hair?

Dry hair is a widespread problem. Many believe that it is easy to solve using the water, but it is not. The hair becomes dry because it is the use of chlorinated water and foam. Frequent washing hair and bathing in the swimming pool without a special hat also contribute to hair damage. Not less damage cause staining, frequent use of hair dryer, termorolki, curling, as well as wind, sun, cold.

What to do if you have dry hair?

What to do if you have dry hair?

How to properly treat dry hair:

1. Give up washing your hair everyday. Shampoo not only removes dirt from the hair, but deprive it from its natural oils that protect it from the negative impact of external factors.It is advisable to use shampoo for dry hair.

2. Do not forget about conditioners! They only facilitate brushing, but also strengthen hair, moisturize it and remove static electricity.

3. Regular crop ends of your hair – if it is dry, it should be at most a month and a half.

4. Try to use a curling iron, hair dryer and termorolki as possible less.

5. Remember, your hair suffers from bad weather. So obtain the hats for any occasion – and the hot sun and cold winds.

6. If you often go to swimming pool, always use a swimming cap – chlorine is one of the most dangerous enemies of beautiful and healthy hair.

7. Beware what kind of shampoo are you using. Use shampoos that have a low pH. Shampoos that have a high pH or a neutral pH allow the moisture to evaporate. When you shampoo, pay special attention to the scalp and avoid aggressive friction. Rinse will act as a magnet for shampoo and will clean the whole head.

What to do if you have dry hair?

What to do if you have dry hair?

8. Always use a hair conditioner. In the winter months leave the conditioner on the hair at least 3 minutes and only 1-2 minutes during the summers months. The conditioner focuses on the hair tips as well as the length of the hair. It is recommended to comb the hair when you apply the conditioner in order to obtain an adequate coverage

9. Once a week use a dry hair mask. Dry hair mask with olive oil and eggs. You’ll need 2 tablespoons of honey, 2 tablespoons of egg yolks, 1 tablespoon of olive oil and 1 tablespoon of yogurt. Mix all these ingredients and apply it on the clean hair and cover the hair. Rinse hair after 30-40 minutes. The honey will help you dry hair to regenerate and it will make it softer and easier to comb. Olive oil : heat ? cup of olive oil and massage your hair with it. Cover your hair with a towel and let the olive oil act for about 30 minutes. The olive oil is rich in vitamin A and E and will protect your hair. Wash your hair using a dry hair shampoo.

10. Drying and styling. It’s recommended to let your hair dry naturally. Also it’s best to avoid as much as you can styling products – an intensive use will gradually destroy your hair.

11.  Adopt a balanced diet with vitamins, proteins, minerals and fibers. The banana is particularly good for dry hair so you should eat 4-5 bananas per week. Also you should try eating more fish.

12. Always brush your hair and try to protect it against sunlight, which will dry your hair a lot faster.

13. Protect your hair at night. Use a satin or silk pillowcase , because they’re softer with your hair than the cotton or synthetic pillowcase.

14. Aromatherapy oils are considered useful against dry hair. Use a combination of 6 drops of lavender oil, sesame and soy, then apply it on the hair and wrap your hair in a towel for 15 minutes, then rinse.

You can easily recognize dry hair by it’s unhealthy appearance. When you brush it, it gets very tangled and it breaks easily. That happens because the sebaceous gland do not produce enough secretions to hydrate the entire scalp surface. It’s important to understand the causes as well as the treatment for this condition.

Although at first glance you may think that the dry hair is secondary to the lack of water, let me tell you that it isn’t quite so water from the swimming pools and swimming in general, frequent shampooing are the most common reasons for dry hair. Other enemies of the hair are the sun, the wind, chemical treatment and sometimes it’s a genetic problem.


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