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Steps To Stronger, Healthier Nails

Our hands are an important part of our daily lives, yet we often damage them without even noticing. Here’s how to make them healthier and better-looking.

Take Preventive Action
Wear rubber gloves when you do housework. It’s especially important while gardening or washing dishes. Harsh cleaners and detergents cause the natural moisture to be sucked out of your skin and nails, and that means rough skin and weaker nails.

Essential Oil Blend For Strong and Healthy Nails

Essential Oil Blend For Strong and Healthy Nails

Rub petroleum jelly, castor oil or cuticle oil into your cuticle and the surrounding skin every evening before you go to bed.Prevent Fungal Infection
Keep your feet as dry as possible. Dry your hands for at least two minutes after doing the dishes. Dry your toes thoroughly after swimming or showering.

Trim and File Nails Regularly
Trim your nails straight across. Use sharp manicure scissors or clippers as well as an emery board to smooth nail edges.

Stop Biting
If you have this nasty habit, control the urge! Biting your nails leaves them weak, prone to breaking, and looking scraggly. There are all kinds of tips you can use to break this habit.

red nails with nail polish dripping

red nails with nail polish dripping

Take Your Vitamins
Get plenty of vitamin E, which is essential for nail and skin health. Find a high-quality vitamin E supplement from a health food store.

Keep Your Nails Polished
Nail polish protects your nails from becoming damaged. Use a base coat underneath a colored polish. If you don’t like color, try a clear coat.

Remove Polish Gently
Use a non-acetone nail polish remover than contains oils. Acetone will dry out your nails.

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