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Good Food Good Health

When we are talking weight reduction, we need to be proactive in finding the types of food that has the specific nutrients needed to reduce weight, and the proper ways to process them. Fruit and vegetables are the most recommended food to weight reduction.

Having read all the weight reduction tips, notes and journals describing details of nutrients contained in each type of food, isn’t it more difficult or confusing when the time comes to consume our meals? We are suddenly facing many unfamiliar types of food and the options between eating raw food for the complete nutrients but risking sanitation, and cooking our food for cleanliness despite the loss of some nutrients during the cooking process.

Good Food Good Health

Good Food Good Health

Although diet is the main factor in keeping your immune system up to scratch, other factors are equally important, I believe sleep is also so very important and that we should all look at our sleep patterns and make sure we get a good seven hours sleep a night. A good nights sleep increases the release of immune stimulating hormones.

Stress is another strong factor, as this puts our body under untold pressure. People who have busy lives are generally under great amounts of stress and although all of us actually perform better when under a small amount of pressure, constant high stress levels are most certainly not good for us.

Good Food Good Health

Good Food Good Health

A lot of people are actually highly stressed because they cannot sleep, and therefore it is a vicious circle for many, this greatly weakens their immune system making it easier for them to be the victim of colds and other ailments, always feeling lethargic and rundown.

Exercise carried out in moderation regularly is beneficial for the immune system, reducing the risk of common infections and also help protect us from serious diseases too such as type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease and some types of cancer.

30 minutes a day of moderate intensity five days a week is thought to be the recommended exercise regime, and the 30 minutes does not have to be carried out all at the same time, it can be broken down into smaller periods to work into your schedule.

The main vitamins and minerals we need for a healthy immune system are vitamin B6, C, D, E and copper, selenium and zinc. Although it is best to get these through a varied diet many of us would benefit from taking supplements through the winter periods, there are many reputable supplements and suppliers that can be taken to enhance and top up your diet.

Vitamin B6 is found in vegetables, whole cereals, bread, milk, pork, chicken and cod. It is available in supplement on its own or in a vitamin B complex.

  • Vitamin C is found in fruit and vegetables especially oranges, kiwis, peppers, broccoli and yams, and is available in supplements and tonics.
  • Vitamin D is found in oily fish and eggs. Is formed in the body when skin is exposed to sunlight and readily available in supplement form.
  • Vitamin E is found in nuts, seeds, wheat germ and plant oils such as soya, rape and corn. Available in supplement form.

There are types of food that are recommended to be consumed in weight reduction program, such as; rice, wheat and other grains, potato, yam, fruit and vegetables. On the other hand, types of food which consumption need to be minimized for weight reduction program are; tempeh, quorn, tofu, fish, meat, eggs and milk. Moreover, there are types of food that are good for our health although many people still do not regularly consumed them, such as; sardines, berries, soy, salmon and turmeric.

Other types of food also have their distinct contents which are good for our health when processed in the correct way and consumed in the right proportion;

  • Beets, cabbage and turmeric are good to fight cancer, but you need to remember not to heat beet as heating reduces its antioxidant content;
  • Cinnamon is good for lowering cholesterol level and controlling blood pressure;
  • Dried plum is better to be eaten baked;
  • Sardines has a high content of omega-3, calcium and vitamins;
  • Pumpkin is low in calorie and high in vitamin A;
  • Most fruits can be frozen and mixed with milk to make yogurt;
  • Guava, purslane and goji berries are not easy to find but very good for our weight reduction diet;
  • Cabbage, cinnamon, swiss chard, beets, plums, pumpkin and its seeds are good antioxidants;

So just take a look at your usual diet and see if there is any of the above requirements missing, and if so add these into your meals and get the natural benefits of good food good health.

Making meal times fun is a great way of getting children to eat vegetables they like and to add new ones to their diets, be a little imaginary when serving up.

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