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Eyes Make-Up for Valentine’s Day




If you are so lucky to have big eyes, you are a very genuine person.  Big eyes are bait for sexual partners, as eyes are erotically important and they attract attention at first sight. However, you may face amorous failures and regrets partially because of your big eyes which so easily entice men.

For big eyes make-up for Valentine’s Day consider the ideas below:

Big eyes make-up should not be very thick and heavy – it will rather upset your eyes form than enhance your eyes expressiveness. Apply dark colors for eye contour – to admit the value of your eyes.

Putting on big eyes make-up, try to space out between eyes and eyebrows and clearly define eyebrow curves – thus, eyebrows will serve a natural framing for your eyes. Thereto, make the eyebrows a bit thicker. Apply a combination of three light shadows – use the deepest tone for exteriors, the lighter one for interiors and the lightest one (highlight) use in the middle of the eyelid.



Let your shadows go in the direction to temples – this will make your eyes look even more radiant.

As your eyes help you to achieve your goals to some extent, learn how to put big eyes make-up most effectively. Your artistic skills may help you to become a professional in big eyes make-up. Your big eyes are your zest, so try turning them to most advantage. Good luck with your big eyes make-up!

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