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Easy Smokey Eyes

Beau Nelson’s Essential Make-Up Tips: Easy Smokey Eyes

Smoky cat eyes are the in thing in eye make up.  Creating smoky cat eyes is also not that difficult a process though it requires some amount of practice and patience. Smokey eye makeup is essentially an eye specific makeup application that highlights the brow bone while darkening the eye lids.

Most of the times creating smoky cat eyes, is all about applying your eyeliner properly.  If you are beginner then it is always recommended that you start out with an eyeliner pencil and then gradually move on to other eyeliners. In order to create smoky cat eyes you will need a black eyeliner pencil, dark eye shadow, a black eyeliner brush, an eyebrow pencil and black mascara. Begin with drawling a soft line from the corner of the eyelid towards the end of your eyelash line. After this you will need to use the eye shadow brush in order to apply the dark eye shadow over the smudged eyeliner line that you have already drawn. You can then draw a thick line on your top lid with the help of the brush eyeliner.

The line should be preferably thicker at the outer corner of the eye. Using your eyebrow pencil you should now try and make your eyebrow curve more pronounced. You can then apply thin coats of mascara while allowing for the coat to dry in between the applications. By following these steps you can create that perfect smoky cat eyes look.

Beau Nelson’s Essential Make-up Tips: Tightlining

If you have small eyes with thin eyebrows, apply pastel or white shadow beginning from the brow to eyelid and put a little of brown in the socket.

Prominent Eyes: Use dark shades on prominent eyes, as it will make their eyes look small and attractive. No need to apply shade on the brow but a defined socket line is must. Always put eyeliner, around 1/8 inches thick, a little extended at the corners.

Almond shape: Apply pastel shades over the lid with a hue of light brown at the socket area. Don’t forget to put a defined line of eyeliner from one end to the other.

Deep-set Eyes: Use of neutral shades is apt for deep-set eyes. Apply the shadow over the lid and the brow bone. Avoid using deep colors.

How To Apply Smokey Eyes Makeup



Step 1:  Holding the skin of your upper lid taut, apply eyeliner from the inside corner of the eye outward. Draw strokes into the lash line. The middle of the line should be a bit thicker than the edges.

Step 2:  Use a cotton swap (or your finger, if you’re lazy like me) to “smudge” the liner.

Step 3: Dab an eyeshadow brush into a deep-hued eyeshadow and apply over the eyeliner to set the line. (Blow on the brush first to remove any excess shadow). Layering liner with a shadow is the secret to a perfect smoky eye.

Step 4: Blend shadow well, then follow with eyeshadow.

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